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Betty's blog / Vocaloid Songwriter

This is Vocaloid songwriter Betty's blog. Yuzuki Yukari.

Terms of Use of my songs

Original Songs


・Intended Use :Unlimited

 You can use my original songs regardless of commercial or non-commercial and corporation or individual.


Alteration : Unlimited

  I reserve all rights even if songs were altered.


Use Report : Optional

Redistribution: prohibited

Copyright Notice : Required (Betty's Vocaloid Channel).


Cover Songs


・Intended Use : limited to service that makes a contract with JASRAC(for example,YouTube)




service lists that makes a contract with JASRAC  *japanese page


・Alteration : prohibited

・Use Report : Optional

・Redistribution: prohibited

・Copyright Notice :Optional



Obtaining Song Data

I sell the songs data in iTunes stores.



  • Betty
  • アニメ
  • ¥1800



If you want to have any inquiries to me, plese feel free to send your massages to the following address( or twitter DM(my English is very poor, sorry).



Thank you for checking.